Hype Agency

The Theme

We can't tell you everything about our party theme yet but you'll definitely get:

  • A fully immersive world created in the historic Swindon MECA
  • Welcome drink (for shared parties)
  • A variety of meal options depending on which night you attend
  • Incredible live entertainment
  • Fully stocked bars with pre-order drink options



VENUE: Swindon Meca | CAPACITY: 450

Step into this extraordinary world through the doors of an oak wardrobe and find yourself in an enchanted Kingdom, with snow underfoot, glistening fir trees and magical creatures.


Enter an awe-inspiring wintery wonderland, where mysterious creatures keep a watchful eye and tell tales of the Ice Queen and her much fabled powers...


Deep in the woods you will feast upon a meal fit for the Ice Queen herself, whilst the world of Narnia reveals itself through music and dance. 


Then, as the Kingdom sleeps, the night is yours: yours to dance under the stars, drink and be merry!


* * * * * * * * * * * * * * *


Christmas parties are quite rightly at the back of everyone's minds but we hope that come the festive period, you will be looking for some escape and well-earned frivolity and we think our Narnia theme will do that.


Though we’re not actively taking bookings at the moment, if you have any questions or you'd like to provisionally reserve a spot email us on info@hypeagency.co.uk letting us know which dates in December you might be interested in booking.