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Most of these FAQs relate to our shared party nights. If you're attending a performance or family event, most details should be on the event. If you're unsure about anything, email us or call us on 0117 971 0320.


How do I book tickets?

For evening shared events, you can make an enquiry by clicking "Enquiry". We'll then be in touch to organsie your booking.

Some events you can purchase tickets immediately by clicking on "Tickets".


Is there a minimum number of guests required?

For our shared party nights our minimum number of guests for a booking is 8.

Some nights will vary so please have a look at our packages.

Will I have other groups on my table?

For shared evening parties where you have to book a minimum of 8 guests, your table will be your own. 

Other events vary, but generally if you book few than 8 guests you may share a table.

What about DEPOSITS?

We only require a deposit payment for evening shared events. This is £15 per person (including VAT) paid within 2 weeks for you to secure the booking.

Please ensure you have read our full terms and conditions before making a booking.

Do i have to be 18?

For shared evening parties, guests  between 16-18 years old are welcome at our venus but we need to be made aware of any under 18s attending with your group to comply with our alcohol licensing policy. 

There is no age limit for our family events!

What is the dress code?

For shared evening parties. our dress code is smart. No trainers or Jeans.

If you really like our theme for an event, you can come in fancy dress! 

Dress to impress!

When will I receive tickets?

For events where you made an enquiry, will be sent out in the post and be with you 2 weeks before your event. They will be sent to the shipping address on your account.

Tickets purchased immediately will arrive in your inbox as an e-ticket.

What happens if I lose my ticket?

Tickets are required to gain access to the party. You may be able to access the event but you will be delayed while we check our systems.

If you do think you've lost your ticket, contact us immediately.



Help! How do I log on?

If you're booking a shared evening party, we'll have created an online account for you, where you can pay and see details of your booking.

Click on the menu (three horizontal lines, and scroll down till you see 'Log in'. 

Your username is the email address you've contacted us with, or given to us




Payments on shared evening parties

How do I pay for my booking?

The best method is via your online account by debit/credit card.

We also accept bank transfer and cheques made out to Hype Agency Ltd.

Unfortunately, we don't accept American Express.

All invoices and recipts can be found on your online account.

When do I have to pay?

Deposits need to be paid within two weeks. 

Your final payment needs to be paid no later than 8 weeks before your event...

Unless you're booking less than 8 weeks before your event when payment must be within three days

Can each person pay separately?

Unfortunately, for shared evening parties we don't have the facility to take separate payments. 

We know party organisers are super heroes but with great power comes great responsibility - please collect all the separate payments first.





What happens on the night at shared evening parties?

When Do events start and finish?

Generally, doors open at 7pm, with a drinks reception for an hour and dinner starting at 8ish. 

Most events finish at 1am with the bar closing 15 minutes before that. 

Some events start earlier and finish later so check the details of your event.

Is there Free 
parking at your venues?

Unfortunately, most of our venues don't have free parking.

Check out the venue info page for each of our venues to find out about parking near the venue and transport options to and from the event.

Is there a cloakroom?

Yes, and it's free to use.

Please note we cannot be held responsible for any loss or damage of items left in the cloakroom.

If you lose your ticket, you'll have to wait until all items have been collected at the end of the evening before any items are released.

Can we bring our own drink?

Umm, no. Under no circumstances, do we allow guest to bring their own alcohol onto the premises.

You may even be evicted from an event so just stick with the pre-drinks!

Can I pay by card at the bar?

Yes all our bars are cash and card friendly. 

They are stocked with your favourite tipples and keep your eye open for promotions on the night!

Help! I left something at one of your events! How do I get it back?

If you left something at an event, send us an email telling us which event you went to and giving us a full description of the item. 

It will get logged on our system and we'll be in touch if we find it.

Can I pre-order drinks?

Yes, we'll be in touch a couple months prior to the event to see if you'd like drinks on the table when you arrive.

Do you sell all-inclusive wristbands?

We do! These are great value and allow you unlimited drinks all night. Certain restrictions exist on which drinks are included and the amount of people in your party that must purchase one.

You'll get the full details when we contact you about pre-order drinks. 

I ordered some wristbands. Where do I get them from?

Drinks vouchers and wristbands are collected from a station in the venue where the party organise will need to sign for them.

You'll be signposted there when you arrive. 



shared party Dining at our venues

How does the menu work?

Catering for up to 600 people a night is no mean feat!

We therefore offer a regular fixed menu, and another whole alternative menu.

This alternative menu is suitable for most major dietary requirements. 

Have a look at the events page for your venue to see what's on the menu.

Please select either the regular menu OR the alternative menu for each of your guests.

What about other dietary requirements?

No worries, lots of people have lots of different dietary requirements. 

As long as you let us know with plenty of time, we can cater for any guest with any dietary requirement. 

Please note that for very severe allergies we may not be able to guarantee absolutely no traces exist in our food as many ingredients are used in our kitchens.

how do i tell you about menu choices and dietary requirements?

There is a form on your online account that you can fill in no later than a month before your event.

People having the alternative menu or with other dietary requirments will receive a dietary card to tell our waiting staff what you will receive. 

Dietary cards will be picked up on the night and must be placed on the table in front of the relevant guest.