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Christmas in Lapland- Brunel's Old Station

Guests entered into a tranquil natural beauty of Lapland the journey began through a canopy of glistening stars leading guests through a dusting of snowflakes into a snow laden forest. Being transported to an enchanted evening full of magical sites, with snow underfoot, vast expanses of white drapes and glittering fir trees you will be in the depths of an awe-inspiring magical Lapland.

Guests ventured through the magical moonlit forest and enjoyed a sparkling drinks reception under the northern lights as they illuminate the sky with their dance. Before they took to there seats they basked in the wonders of our winter fantasia where they could select a delicious themed cocktail. Guests were invited to sit down to a fabulous festive meal from our amazing caterers. The feeling of magical tales and warm winter nights washed over our guests as the beautifully decorated tables glisten in the twinkling lights.

Throughout the evening we were joined by our festive characters taking you on your journey through Lapland.  The festivities continued after dinner with visits to our cosy log cabin with flickering log fires and our dazzling themed snow slope photobooth. Guests felt worlds away. The Live atmospheric performances encompassed the magic of this wonderful world. 


Carnival Christmas - Bristol's Passenger Shed

Carnival Christmas exceeded all expectations with this wonderful twist on our planets most exciting, lively and thrilling carnivals.

Guest came for the experience of a life-time! See, breathe, sense and live Carnival Christmas with us!

The party began the moment guests arrived at Carnival Christmas. Fire eaters  greeted them from the street and insistent rhythms from within set the tone of things to come. Entering to the beat of the drums,guests were struck by a riotous parade of colour, movement and sound that never let up throughout the night.

Sip a glass of sparkling wine, marvel at the mesmerizing costumes and let the music take control and your inhibitions melt away  - if only for the duration of the Carnival.

Guests were seated at vibrantly dressed tables and enjoyed a procession of colourful acts and spontaneous bursts of dance as they feasted on mouth-watering dishes carefully chosen and prepared by our in-house caterers, Fosters Events.

The festivities continued after dinner with fun-filled entertainment, the ever popular photobooth, for the first time ever DODGEM'S and a superb DJ. Guests joined us ‘down-town’ at the Copacabana bar and knocked back a tropical cocktail or two, whilst they relaxed and enjoyed the experience.

Experience Bristol’s biggest indoor street party this December!


Alice in Winterland - Bristol's Passenger Shed

“There was a place like no place on earth, a land full of wonder, mystery and danger! Some said to survive it, you had to be as mad as a hatter…”

Don't be late or you will miss out on this very important date.

Our adventures began when guests followed the White Rabbit down a rabbit-hole and fell down, down, down into a weird and wonderful land where little made sense. As everything grew ‘curiouser and curiouser’, guests were delighted to find that nothing in Winterland was the least bit ordinary.

Guests relived their childhood memories with a Christmas twist, and believed in the impossible as they entered this mad world where they met their favourite characters including The Queen of Hearts, Cheshire Cat and not forgetting the marvellous Mad Hatter.

Guests entered the unknown world and immersed into the topsy turvy land. We were all mad here, so guests took a welcome drink and shrank into the magical land, where nothing was quite as it seemed.Guests followed the path and took their seats at the unusually dressed tables. Guest enjoyed a scrumptious meal carefully chosen and prepared by our in- house caterers, Foster Events.

In the world of Alice in Winterland, entertainment was endless. Guests were amazed as the madness unraveled before their eyes. Be careful not to cross the "Queen of Hartini" cocktail at her rose garden bar or it will be “Off with your head” See how eagerly the band advance! They were waiting on the music - will you come and join the dance? Will you, won’t you, will you, won’t you, will you join the dance?

When guest woke the following morning they wondered if it was all just a dream.


A Nutcracker Christmas - Bristol's Passenger Shed & Cheltenham Town Hall

Our venue was transformed into an enchanted world transporting guests to a land full of magic and mystery for a Christmas party to remember!

Reliving one of the most loved Christmas fairytales, in a land filled with lavish presents and toy soldiers, and a night full of festivities. Guests were taken on a magical journey by a charming Nutcracker, as sugar plum fairies danced in the land of sweets.

Party goers enjoyed a mystical drinks reception with fellow guests whilst taking in the elaborately dressed room with an atmosphere that immediately took them into to a land full of excitement and celebration.

Before taking their seats, they basked in the wonders of our very own Gingerbread bar where they selected a delicious cocktail from our stunning array of drinks. Once seated at the strikingly laid tables, guests enjoyed a delicious meal carefully chosen and prepared from our award-winning in-house caterers, Foster Events.

Throughout the evening, entertainment was essential; reliving the magic of the Nutcracker where toys came to life with breath-taking performances right before their eyes.

Guests celebrated Christmas with friends and colleagues and enjoyed a fabulous selection of fun filled entertainment with a dazzling themed photobooth, scrumptious sweet cart and much much more!


The Great Gatsby - Bristol's Passenger Shed & Cheltenham Town Hall

Our venues were transformed into an underground speakeasy inspired by the Jazz Age where debauchery meets decadence with suitable aplomb.

Giving the correct password allowed guests to make there way up the dimly lit passage into a venue flushed with handsome men in pinstriped suites and glamorous girls in Ra Ra skirts. Guests enjoyed a lavish drinks reception while the band sent a tingle down their spines.

Feet began to tap and bodies began to sway because the atmosphere was just infectious.

Beyond this they found the hustle and bustle of gambling and drinking amongst fully laid tables where guests enjoyed a tantalising and delicious spread from our award-winning inhouse caterers, Fosters Events.

Entertainment was central to the evening, with spontaneous bursts of impromptu dance giving the evening an electrifying edge, and a spectacular fast-paced finale unfolded before guest's very eyes on the main dance-floor leaving them dazzled and amazed. Guests spent the evening with friends and colleagues amongst the sprawling professional casino tables and said goodbye to their inhibitions as they drank and gambled, safe from the detection of the law.


Narina - Bristol's Passenger Shed

While mist rolled over the tops of ice peaked mountains and snow glistened in the fir trees guests felt worlds away. Being transported to an enchanted evening full of magical sites, with the floor covered in snow and vast expanses of white drapes and glittering fir trees guests were in the depths of an awe-inspiring wintery forest.

Entering this magical world brushing past fur coats hanging inside the famous Oak wardrobe. Guests enjoyed a drinks reception under the spotlight of a single street lamp. All is not as it seemed as mysterious creatures warned them of the White witch and kept a watchful eye as guests arrived.

Guests ventured through the woods where they were invited to sit down to a fabulous meal from award winning caterers. The feeling of magical tales and warm winter nights washed over guests as the beautifully decorated tables glistened in the twinkling lights.

After dinner the live atmospheric performances encompassed the magic of this wonderful world. This was the time for dancing and celebrating in the mystical land at a party no one will soon forget.


Cirque De Christmas - Bristol's Passenger Shed

Roll up! Roll up! The ringmaster stepped into our Big Top theme and guests were amazed!

Guests were welcomed with a variety of circus acts and a delicious glass of sparkling wine, setting the mood for a Christmas Party full of all the frivolity and excitement of Cirque De Christmas.

Party Goers were invited to sit down to a sumptuous three course Christmas Dinner served at beautifully decorated table. During dinner, aerial artists captivated and amazed with breath-taking circus skills over head.

After dinner all the fun of the circus continued, with amazing side stalls, candy-floss and a fantastic live band. Plenty to keep guests entertained whilst dancing the night away, or whilst relaxing in the circus themed chill-out area.

Cirque De Christmas was definitely be a night to remember.


And many, many more... Please check out our Gallery for more events. 

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